Writing Samples


Pilot. Hour-long light sci-fi spy procedural. 2018.

Judith, a snarky waitress with the power to "un-cook" food, is reluctantly recruited to join an underfunded Canadian intelligence agency whose mission is to track down people with powers like her.


Pilot. Hour-long serialized political dark comedy. 2018.

A newly-elected feminist Conservative MP learns to navigate life on the Hill with the help of a suffragette's ghost. One hour serialized workplace dramedy.


Pilot. Hour-long family dark comedy. 2017.

After Helena von Hrolf survives jumping in front of a subway train, she's given two conditions to her release from hospital: she must attend therapy, and she must return home to the care of her estranged family – who happen to be the exiled royal family of a tiny European country.

Short film. Horror/comedy. 2017.

A gender reveal party takes a dark turn.


Series Pitches (No pilot)

The Opposition

Half-hour single camera workplace comedy.

When a cartoonishly evil government takes over Saskatchewtoba, Canada’s 11th province, the determined staff of the province’s only opposition MPP must take on the gargantuan task of keeping the government in check.



Hour-long serialized horror dramedy.

A failed academic joins the staff of a rural pioneer village... but something sinister's afoot. As staff members go missing and are found horribly murdered, the employees of the village must contend with the past if they hope to have a future.


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