Born in Kingston, Ontario as one half of a pair of twins, Keavy quickly took to making stuff up and writing it down. Her first play, "Princess Quest", was performed at a local drama camp when she was 12. She wrote her first TV script (a Doctor Who spec) in high school, along with an elaborate season arc and notes for the writing team about the female characters.

The daughter of the world's most adorable immigrants (from Ireland and Grenada), Keavy is mixed race and very confused about it.

Keavy studied Theatre Praxis at Brock University. She's the founder and artistic director of Empty Box Theatre Company, where she directed several classic plays, and wrote / devised weird feminist ones. Her thesis project at Brock, "CNT: Welcome to the Boardwomb", was an immersive theatre piece about a television network in a matriarchal alternate universe.

Upon graduating, Keavy moved to Toronto to pursue theatre directing. After a few years pouring her earnings into self-produced indie theatre attended by no-one, she turned her attention back to television, and enrolled in Humber College to study Television Writing and Producing.

Since leaving Humber, Keavy's focus has been on gaining industry experience as a development intern and then a story coordinator for Temple Street Productions, and polishing her original TV pilots.

PS: Keavy is not a former Irish pop star, though she can see why you'd think that.

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